100 Days Group Projects

The current summer 100 Days project gathers a group of story writers,
poets, visual artists, musicians, and programmers for one hundred days
of creative effort.  Each artist’s work will be unique yet build on the
work of others in the collective.  Here we make, remake, shape and

My former student Neha Bawa is among the participants. I have enjoyed learning from the new media pedagogy of Steve Ersinghaus and John Timmons. I’m also particularly interested in James Revillini’s scripting experiments.

3 thoughts on “100 Days Group Projects

  1. OK, I’m too lazy to do any of that, but you’re more than welcome to scalp the code and augment! Love the ideas. Would try them, but I’m trying to learn guitar, so I have to put some of the geekiness on hold.

  2. Okay… how about a game where the player shoots at typos or AP style errors?
    How about making it 2-player?
    How about a template that lets users create their own levels (so teachers can use it as a fun way to teach apostrophes, or any other fiddly textual thing)?
    How about a game where you fire missiles to add random typos to a text that you disagree with, and correct typos in a text that you agree with? How about making that a multiplayer, networked game? (Is that even possible with the tech you’re using?)

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