R.U.R. (2011)

There’s no information in the non-subscription IMDB, but there is an entry for a movie based on Rossum’s Universal Robots.


The original play was a talky social comedy mixed with a melodrama (complete with a “missing papers” plot twist), and the big action sequences happened off-stage (with characters either referring in passing to events that happened years ago, or characters looking through windows and describing what they saw). So I worry what “enhancements” might make their way into a big-budget production. (Sigh.)

If anybody knows more about this movie (faithful art-house reproduction of the original play? CGI-infested revisionary abomination?), I’d welcome the news.

4 thoughts on “R.U.R. (2011)

  1. I think she’s too big a name to play Sulla the secretary or Nana the servant, so I’d assume she’s the lead, Helena. Of course, they may take liberties with the script and invent different roles.

  2. Yes, I liked seeing so many secondary characters develop over the years on DS9, and her character arc was certainly satisfying. I think she’s too big

  3. All I know is that Chase Masterson, the stunning cuttie who played the Dabu girl with married Rom on DS9, is slated as being in the picture. I know that from IMbd. I don’t know what part she’ll play or what kind of budget this movie is supposed to be. It could be a big budget flick or a direct-to-home-theater time fare.

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