The Medium – Facebook Exodus

“The more dependent we allow ourselves to become to something like Facebook — and Facebook does everything in its power to make you more dependent — the more Facebook can and does abuse us,” Harmsen explained by indignant e-mail. “It is not ‘your’ Facebook profile. It is Facebook’s profile about you.” — Virginia Heffernan, New York Times

One thought on “The Medium – Facebook Exodus

  1. Hmm… based on the people’s points, I think I’ll agree. I myself think that Facebook is such a hassle. It’s such a bother to update and to keep track of the activities of other people.
    Another point is that it breaches people’s privacy. For example, I don’t put personal pics of me online but then I constantly find pics deliberately posted against my will. And at the same time, I can access other’s pics of a friend’s friend, whom I don’t know, without difficulty.
    It has perks, yeah I know, like being able to find your long-lost classmate, but it kills my time.

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