Emulators — Good and Otherwise

I’m gearing up to teach a Video Game Culture and Theory course this January. 

The first time I taught it, in 2006, it didn’t occur to me that students who were looking for information on, say, Space Invaders, would just play any old flash clone, without being discerning about whether it was a faithful port, a full-scale emulation, or just someone’s half-finished programming exercise. 

So this post is starting the work of collecting good online emulators for some of the classic games we’ll discuss.

Eliza (my hosted version of Hayden’s java emulation)
Pac-Man (looks like a faithful web-based java emulation)
Space Invaders

  • A good introduction to the issues emulators face (the example is Space Invaders, but there’s no playable emulation on this page).
  • This freaky Flash re-imagination has very little in common with the arcade game.