Raising a stink over printer ink

The price of printer cartridges has long irritated consumers and their advocates, and they say the lack of information from manufacturers only aggravates the situation. One recent study even estimated that consumers could save billions of dollars a year if they were armed with full information about how much it would cost to operate various printers.
Consumer advocates’ push for more information has been getting some attention lately, setting up a showdown between regulators and cartridge manufacturers over how the cartridges are labeled. —LA Times

My 7yo daughter is a crafting maniac.  She’s always cutting snowflakes, paper dolls, and heroes and monsters from the games she makes up with her brother. 

Because I want to encourage her to continue drawing these things by hand, and not just print things from her her computer art games, I’ve restricted her to printing one page at a time, and only on Sundays.

Maybe that’s a little TOO strict — ink isn’t so expensive as all that. But it does have the side-effect of making a computer printout a special treat.

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