Local Scud Missile Victims Remembered In Greensburg

“We’ve become a close-knit unit you might say. Some of us, we always come back to talk about the year, what happened,” one visitor told Channel 4 Action News’ Tara Edwards.

The malformed possessive in the above quotation is a mistake — we all make mistakes like that. But I blogged this web version of the WTAE story  because of the way the website shoehorns the name Tara Edwards into the story, as if it’s more important than the name of the visitor who made this statement. Anonymous sources are fine with Channel 4 Action News.  I always thought the byline was where you give credit to the author of the story.  What does it mean, when instead of an article “by Tara Edwards” that quotes an anonymous source, we see instead an anonymous article quoting what an anonymous person said to Tara Edwards?

Another quote from a veteran seems to make TV journalism the hero:

“It’s a big tragedy. It was heartfelt in my home when I saw it on television,” said veteran Mike Hampton.

Remember to love your TV, because nobody loves you like your StormTV FearCast NewsFriends!

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