Suffer the geeklings to come unto Me.

My highly dramatic daughter is not likely to achieve kolinahr any time soon, but we can all wish that she live long and prosper on the occasion of her First Communion.
IMG_8271.jpgP.S.  My wife said I could post this photo as long as I also posted a “normal” one. (See below.)


4 thoughts on “Suffer the geeklings to come unto Me.

  1. Leonard Nimoy (the actor who played Spock) says that he got the idea for this sign because he had seen a rabbi making the gesture, so it does have a spiritual origin.

  2. Congratulations on Carolyn’s First Holy Communion! That’s really great.
    I’m sure that if Jesus and the early Christians had known a hand signal for “Live long and Prosper” they would’ve used it… You know, for eternal life and all that. :-) It’s kind of like a blessing… Besides, it could’ve been a hit with all the crowds who followed him! I can see it in Byzantine art history now… haha.

  3. She’s beautiful. Congratulations to you both. Dramatic, eh? Wonder where she gets that?

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