Things That Have Kept Me From Picking Up My iPad So Far This Week

  • The death of my father-in-law, a hard-working and devoted family man who dreamed of retiring near a Civil War battlefield.
  • The leak in the roof. (The roof is still under warranty, but the roofer will have to climb into the crawlspace while it is raining in order to see what he needs to do.)
  • Submitting final grades. (A second family death within the week meant that it was very tight, but I did finish on time. I had to give up a trip to Computers & Writing, though. I tried marking papers with’s GradeMark, but the site requires too much screen real estate. The iPad is, however, perfectly good for responding to emails from students who thank me for helping them land summer jobs and paid internships, or from students who who report feeling “disgusted” with me for reporting their B.)
  • The need to sleep. Long gone are the days when I could stay up late and recover by sleeping in the next day. (My eyes were hurting so much yesterday that I took off my glasses and went for a walk in the blurry but beautiful great outdoors for an hour. I considered taking my iPad and watching my progress on Google Earth but figured that would be boring after a few minutes.)

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