Things That Made Me Put Down My iPad This Weekend

  • Attending a memorial service for my wife’s aunt, Julia Young, whose backyard and swimming pool were the heart of my wife’s extended family.
  • Visiting Bushy Run Battlefield with the family.
  • My daughter falling in love with the Drawing Pad app, which costs about as much as a package of cheap markers.
  • Waking up Sunday morning to find the screen completely black, with no buttons working. I had left it plugged in overnight, but I had fallen asleep listening to the NPR app. Did that have something to do with it? I left the lifeless hulk plugged in for a few more hours while driving my brother-in-law to the airport, and when I got back, it was working fine.
  • Hearing that Portal is free for unlimited time, as part of Valve’s promotion of Steam for Macs. I won’t have time to play it, but I am taking a break to install it.

Added to the to-do stack: a Movable Type plugin that modifies the interface for hand-helds.

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