Some iPad Art

After Safari (which comes with the iPad), the app I spend the most time with is definitely SketchBook Pro.  While it’s possible to use a stylus, I don’t have one — I just use my finger. Here’s the first picture I drew — a space shuttle that was, at the time, featuring prominently in the bedtime stories I’ve been telling my kids for almost 3 years now. Nothing really special about it, but not bad for a first try. It definitely encouraged me to keep drawing.

Admiral Brackett's Escape Ship
During the short morning and afternoon breaks as I was marking papers for the AP English exam, I started by tracing a photo and ended up with this — a very different style of art (and a different kind of pose). I’m not really happy with the individual strands of hair, but the veil came out nicely. (On the iPad, the colors look sharper, so I boosted the contrast and saturation a bit before posting this one.)

Carolyn in First Communion Dress

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