Americans Spending More Time Following the News

In short, instead of replacing traditional news platforms, Americans
are increasingly integrating new technologies into their news
consumption habits. More than a third (36%) of Americans say they got
news from both digital and traditional sources yesterday, just shy of
the number who relied solely on traditional sources (39%). Only 9% of Americans got news through the internet and mobile technology without also using traditional sources.

The net impact of digital platforms supplementing traditional sources
is that Americans are spending more time with the news than was the
case a decade ago. As was the case in 2000, people now say they spend 57
minutes on average getting the news from TV, radio or newspapers on a
given day. But today, they also spend an additional 13 minutes getting
news online, increasing the total time spent with the news to 70
minutes. This is one of the highest totals on this measure since the
mid-1990s and it does not take into account time spent getting news on
cell phones or other digital devices .

The biennial news consumption survey by the Pew Research Center for
the People & the Press, conducted June 8-28 on cell phones and
landlines among 3,006 adults, finds further evidence that the
combination of digital and traditional platforms is leading to increased
news consumption.

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