Webcamgate case resolved. Badly

Amazing. The educators who used school-provided laptops to spy on teenagers — snapping pictures of them while they were sleeping or not fully clothes–are still on the job, and the taxpayers get to pay the legal bills.

There’s a science fiction trope where aliens do something their
unearthly mindset considers virtuous, but anyone with normal human
emotions finds horrifying: “Smile, Earthlings! When we release our
genetically engineered virus, you’ll only be troubled by the mating urge
once per season – hey, why are you stopping us?” So, if someone says to
a teenager’s parent, “I spy on your child when he’s home alone, and saw
something disturbing – hey, why are you mad at me?” such confusion is
understandable, coming from intergalactic reptile overlords. But
humans should know better, especially adult human school administrators
paid six-figure salaries to oversee young teens, hence the huge scandal last February when Pennsylvania’s Lower Merion School District admitted using remote webcams to surreptitiously observe high school students at home. —Jennifer Abel, Guardian

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