Making the Switch to GMail

Our wonderful IT folks have set up a push-the-button-and-it-just-works conversion from MS Outlook to GMail.

My only real concern is that this gives me yet another GMail account where I might lose something… is there a way to cross-link GMail accounts? Time to Google for an answer.

Update:  As part of the transfer process, I was warned that the Google services I had already been using under my SHU email account were in conflict; the result was a fairly friendly conversion process — I was given the chance to convert my “personal” Google account to an “organizational” one, and told how to avoid the various conflicts I was worrying about.

It’s unfortunate that I can’t switch the content to a different Google account — I had to create a new one.

A side note: resynching my iPad calendar has changed the horrid orange them to a drab greyish-blue one. (There’s apparently no easy way to set iPad calendar colors.)

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