Seton Hill University’s New Media Journalism Program Named One of Pittsburgh Magazine’s “12 Smart Majors That Will Land You a Job After Graduation”

It’s tough to beat nearby Seton Hill for campus beauty ... or new media training.

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It’s the inevitable stain on every single college commencement, an abominable cliché that speakers use as an ice-breaker: At some point during the address to graduates, the keynote talking-head will deadpan, “And now you will all go on to rewarding careers—except for the English majors.” Hardy-har. But just because the print business is struggling doesn’t mean the industry is necessarily shrinking. If anything, opportunities are expanding in the new-media age. They just require journos to wear an increasingly large number of hats. For a j-school education unstained by ink, turn to Seton Hill University’s forward-thinking new media program. You’ll learn the traditional tenants of truth, accuracy and compelling leads, as well as 21-century must-haves like Web design, social media and blog writing. If you want to pay the bills as a writer in 2011, your focus shouldn’t be on A-1, but rather HTML5.

Resume builder (and/or beer money): As a journalism new media student, you’ll have a chance to earn a stipend as a staffer for The Setonian, the student-run campus newspaper.

via 12 Smart Majors That Will Land You a Job After Graduation – Pittsburgh Magazine – September 2011 – Pittsburgh, PA.

We don’t ignore print here in the NMJ program, so it’s an exaggeration to say that the program is “unstained by ink,” but it’s still nice to see the program  singled out.

It’s also an oversimplification to suggest that degree == job.

When I showed this item to my journalism students today, I modified the message by saying that it’s not the degree itself that will open the doors. If your course transcript and sample portfolio looks good, you’ll have a better chance at getting a good internship.

The NMJ graduates who are now working the best jobs are the ones who, outside of my classroom, had early, multiple, and phenomenally successful internships.