Can I still buy Lego?

Lego, I understand that girls have been telling you they want more stuff for girls. I have been looking for more good stuff for girls myself. But I have not been looking for yet another arena where boys and girls are shown that their interests and activities can never mix. The beauty of Lego was that it could all integrate. If I had wanted to get plastic toys with more realistic figures, different shapes and standards that didn’t match the other toys, I’d have bought Playmobil!

Instead I would have liked to see a bakery next to the car-wash or a complex model of a cupcake factory or a dairy – have you ever looked at those? They are the model-train enthusiast’s dream come true! Why not let the girls have pink space-suits, purple cars and sturdy female ambulance drivers in the same fit and design as the rest? The Lego universe is potentially as diverse as reality as it is, and yes, a kitchen in bright colours would be cool, but can’t it fit in right next to the command bridge on the death star? Even evil villains taking over the universe have to eat, you know. —thinking with my fingers: Can I still buy Lego?.

A couple years ago, I bought a six-pack of second-hand female Lego mini figs from somebody on eBay, just so my daughter would have more options to play with. She mixed and matched parts from our various sets to create the whole cast of characters from the steampunk bedtime stories I have been telling her for about four years now.

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