Ideal Homeschool Summer Day: Studying Latin, Justifying Nilla Wafers, and Making a Duct Tape Skirt

Today, I managed to get in a couple of hours of web development and PR/social media work that is stretching my skills a bit. The new pack of iPad styluses I ordered from Amazon has shipped. I’m caught up in the online faculty development class I’m taking. My inbox is brimming with opportunities to collaborate and connect and analyze and synthesize, and my to-do list is full of books.

On the home front, I got in a half hour of walking, and the lawn still looks OK.

There are of course deadlines looming, but I am taking a moment to enjoy the present. And right now, life is good.

What did the kids do on this ideal summer day?

Son (14)

  • Attended a parent-child Latin class (taught by a philosophy professor who wants to raise money to adopt another child)
  • Practiced the piano (J.S. Bach, Minuet from “Klavier Suite in G Minor”)
  • Talked to a friend about Star Wars Battlefront
  • Read Revolutionary Medicine: 1700-1800 (by C. Keith Wilbur, M.D.)

Daughter (10)