An alternate universe

My plans to use a Chromebook over the weekend didn’t go as well as I had hoped… In between family events I was pretty wiped out and didn’t have much time to experiment. After just 3 years as an Apple user, I found myself feeling very frustrated by a brief return to Windows (because I had left my MacBook at work). That in turn made me feel nostalgic for Sierra adventure games circa 1989, and my 10yo daughter actually kicked me off of King’s Quest IV and started playing it herself.

But here is a blog by an Apple user who wandered into an alternate universe where Sulu has a scar, Spock has a beard, and Microsoft apparently wants us to believe it invented a super-trendy tablet computer.

I went to another Surface and was greeted by another salesman. He also aggressively demoed the tablet for me, not letting me take over for more than three seconds at a time. It was obvious that they had all had the same training and were instructed to hard-sell the same talking points. The pitches were aggressive, fast-paced, and competitively defensive: they often mentioned “other tablets” and didn’t let me forget which features were “not available on any other tablet”.

He kept showing me the home screen and how to rearrange my icons, even though I kept wanting to explore the apps.

He showed me Office, which was almost unusable: it was extremely sluggish, and touch targets were tiny and difficult to hit. He said this was the only tablet that could run Office, and if you used Office at work, this was therefore the only tablet that you could use at work. I played dumb. —
An alternate universe –

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