Why ‘Gangnam Style’ Is Actually a Study in Mind Control

I’m not sure “thank you” is the right way to acknowledge this painful link from Paul Crossman.

“Oh, come on,” you’re probably saying. “It’s not the music that’s addictive. It’s the dance, from the goofy video. That’s what went viral.” (There’s that word again.) Well, it turns out that this programming effect could be embedded in visual images as well, at least according to the theory outlined in Snow Crash. So let’s check the video again, looking for any hypnotic images that could be programming us.

Maybe not. I’ve been staring at this for four hours now, and I don’t think I’ve been hypnotized yet.

I think the conclusion is unavoidable: Psy (And boy, doesn’t his name sound more ominous now?) is a linguistic hacker, and his masterpiece “Gangnam Style” is the music equivalent of herpes. It has reprogrammed our brains at a deep subconscious level, to make us ride imaginary horses. And the most remarkable thing about this is that Psy hasn’t used this incredible power for something sinister. He’s a white hat hacker; a prankster. He’s done it for the lulz.But I wouldn’t get too comfortable, because there are organizations out there with a distinct lack of lulz, who are certainly seeking this technology. Picture a basement room at Fort Meade. A group of Army privates stand in perfect ranks on a dance floor, all doing the Hustle. Behind two layers of glass, a general wearing massive ear protection smiles. Right on schedule. The Joint Chiefs will be pleased. —Why ‘Gangnam Style’ Is Actually a Study in Mind Control


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