So long, Newsweek


Reaction to the cover:

– ‏Newsweek’s last print issue has just a hashtag on the cover. Like using your final breath to ID the killer. @sacca

– Newsweek’s last cover: one more flippant stunt. Ooh! A Hashtag! I’m proud to have worked there 1985-93. @jswatz

– Glad to see @Newsweek going all digital! Love the cover of the #LastPrintIssue. ‏@tayt99

– This is not a cool or self aware cover, this is lazy design.

– The ironic cover of @Newsweek last print issue (digital didn’t kill the magazine its failed reinvention strategies did). @rajunarisetti

– We read Newsweek in Social Studies, took riflery in camp, and had to ask to use the kitchen phone after untangling the cord. Times change. @jonathanwald

– Loving the final Newsweek cover – clever and poignant. @laceyvrose

– This almost perfectly captures Newsweek’s editorial problem. @michaelrstrain

– Bitter sweet! Wish us luck! @TheTinaBeast

So long, Newsweek | JIMROMENESKO.COM.

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