Privacy, Grief, and Ethics in Photojournalism

Text A:

Uh-Oh, Photo Of Crying Woman On Cover Of National Newspaper
Uh-oh, according to alarmed sources across the nation, a picture of a crying woman appeared on the front page of a national newspaper this morning.  “Ah, shit—this can’t be good,” Arlington, TX resident James Licari said… –The Onion

Test B:

What It Feels Like To Be Photographed In A Moment Of Grief
“I sat there in a moment of devastation with my hands in prayer pose asking for peace and healing in the hearts of men,” she recalls. “I was having such a strong moment and my heart was open, and I started to cry.” | Her mood changed abruptly, she says, when “all of a sudden I hear clickclickclickclickclick all over the place. And there are people in the bushes, all around me, and they are photographing me, and now Im pissed. I felt like a zoo animal.” — NPR


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