Create Engaging Infographics for your Classroom

Several of my journalism students have gotten interested in infographics. I’m not finished with the spring term yet, but I can’t help thinking about the fall.

When we look at our reading habits and our daily interaction with all this digital data that surrounds us day and night, it becomes clear that Kress point does make sense and that the traditional meaning of literacy is now being completely revolutionized with clear shift towards the visual.
Create Engaging Infographics for your Classroom ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

I should note that the link-smart editors at actually called this resource “Great Tips on How to Create…” but that level of self-promotion is a bit much. I have called pages “Top Tips” but they are MY top tips. I think it’s too much to editorialize and self-promote so blatantly as to call anything I create “great.” So be aware that this site is aggressively promoting itself.

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