Replaying Childhood: On Gifting my Video Games to the Library of Congress

Tevor Owens writes:

20140131-110515.jpgGiving up my games ended up being a bit of an emotional experience. I think the emotion of that experience underscores why it matters for the Library to collect games. The box of games and systems had sat in our basement for the last five years, and my mother’s basement for a good while before that. The last time I sat down and played through most of these games was when I was on Christmas break during my sophomore year of college. With that said, once I was there standing in the parking lot of the Packard Campus exactly what I was doing started to sink in. Before turning them in, I decided to take a cue from cyborg anthropologist Amber Case and create digital artifacts to encapsulate some of my analog memories. I took a series of photos of some of the games that played particularly important roles in my life. Here are a few images of those games. —The Signal: Digital Preservation.

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