“Why are you throwing out all the books?!”

The short answer is because we’re about to move the whole collection to the lower level of the building this summer, and it a needs to fit, and b we dont want to move and re-shelve things that shouldnt be kept. Its exactly like how you go through your stuff for a Goodwill donation before you box up for a move. Collection management is an important part of regular library maintenance. Worn out, unused, tattered, and superseded books need to be removed on an ongoing basis to have a usable library collection. Old, falling-apart stuff that isnt being used actually makes it harder to find the up-to-date, helpful information. For a variety of reasons, collection evaluation was not a focus here for a long time, and we are dealing with a backlog of weeding that should have been done little by little over the last few decades. Thats why the scale of our current project is so huge! —Reeves Memorial Library

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