This English major will walk off the graduation platform this weekend, and into a full-time job as a writer

As part of an independent study, the editor-in-chief emerita of the student paper wrote some reflections about her career path. Here she explains one of the secrets of her success — having a good attitude about work. Over the summer as a freelancer, she got paid to attend city council meetings, which were not exactly thrilling, but she learned her craft, and turned her freelancing gig into a full-time job.

imageBe yourself. If have you a bad attitude, change it. People don’t want to remember you as the one who complains, the one who was sloppy, the one who wouldn’t take assignments, etc. They’ll instead want to remember you as the hard worker, the positive/smiling one, the one with the good work ethic. Don’t be someone you’re not. You can BS your way through some things in life…your job is not one of them. Don’t be anything more or less than who you are. –Olivia Goudy, The Force is strong with this one..