The Google Classroom Tease

My school just switched from Moodle to Canvas, so I doubt we’ll be officially considering a new LMS any time soon. So I guess it’s good that Google Classroom isn’t actually a full LMS. But I agree with the sentiment expressed by Joshua Kim in IHE — Google could make a big difference if it chose to do an LMS right.

Photo from the PCMag review.

Photo from the PCMag review.

This is a non-higher ed story.

Google Classroom is not aimed at higher education.

Google Classroom is not an LMS. It does not have a grade center, a discussion tool, an assessment engine, or a way to integrate with a Student Information System. (I think).

Nobody is going to replace an existing campus LMS with Google Classroom.

And yet – we still find ourselves getting just a little bit excited.

There is so so much potential for Google in higher education. —Inside Higher Ed.

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