If you like to play with words, good news

I wish there were a secret day between Friday and Sunday, which you could tap into at will, whether to lengthen the work week and get one more project out of the way, or to lengthen the weekend and give you more time to recover. Anyway, Boing Boing’s review of “80 Days” is one of those things that makes me wish for that secret day.

imageI love the modern text game, because in a way it subverts some of the audience problems traditional video games face — for all my friends who tell me they don’t play games because they feel pressured, or dislike action, or don’t understand the ingrained, nerdy visual vocabulary, I beg them to try something like 80Days (App Store or Android Marketplace). If you can read and touch a screen, you can go on a journey. —Boing Boing.

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