Vanessa Otero’s Updated Media Bias Chart (Liberal/Mainstream/Conservative; Facts/Analysis/Opinion/Propaganda/Fake News) UPDATED 5.1

Otero goes into great detail describing her criteria for placing the various news sources. She changed a few labels and shifted position for a few sources.  It’s not perfect. It’s not the only answer. It is, nevertheless, a very useful way to get us to think about what we’re clicking on, reading, and sharing.

Update, April 2020: I’ll be honest, I think the interactive Media Bias Chart 5.0 is a bit much… slow to load, and too feature-heavy. I’ve never been patient enough to let it load fully so I can try out whatever makes it interactive.

Here is the static version of Chart 5.1.

Meda Bias Chart 5.1 ( April 2020

Original link on this page: “The Chart, Version 3.0: What, Exactly, Are We Reading?”

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A person might be biased. A person cannot be bias.

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