Good example of ‘do NOT remove things from photos.’

Hat tip to my former student Kiley Fischer, who brought this story to my attention saying “Good example of ‘do NOT remove things from photos.’”

Longtime City Paper reader Edward King-Smith, 37, of Pittsburgh’s Stanton Heights neighborhood was among those who alerted Deitch that his publication included a photo of a woman tattoo artist wearing a T-shirt for Aggravated Assault — a white-power band he’s observed “trying to infiltrate the punk scene in Philadelphia and in Pittsburgh.” | “I’m a very tolerant person, and I’m not a huge believer in censorship,” King-Smith said. “My concern is the normalizing of neo-Nazi hate groups coming into the mainstream and just sort of being accepted as if their ideas are just like everyone else’s in the marketplaces of ideas.”


Kat Rutt, the freelance writer and photographer who produced “Women in Ink,” stood by her story, telling City Paper that she had not talked to any of the 16 women she profiled “about their politics.” She also admitted to airbrushing a photo to remove what appeared to be a small swastika on Suchevich’s arm. —

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