Furious Trump orders officials to boycott correspondents’ dinner

Trump spent the morning insulting the news media on Twitter, calling MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough a “Psycho” and musing about New York Times reporters getting “down on their knees” to apologize to him after his 2020 re-election victory.

Around the same time the president was tapping out those tweets, White House Cabinet Secretary Bill McGinley, who oversees the various cabinet agencies, assembled the chiefs of staff of those agencies and issued a directive from the president aimed at disrupting a weekend typically used to foster camaraderie between the White House and the news media.

But the president is having none of it. Though Trump himself has spurned the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner for the past two years, he’s taking it a step further, ordering administration officials to boycott the dinner, according to two White House officials. —Politico


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