Wearing A Mask Is A Sign Of Mutual Respect During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Shortly after my region ended their lockdown, I went to my local Walmart to return something I had purchased online. I was shocked that more than half of the people there weren’t wearing masks. I got in and out quickly, wondering all the while whether the chance to get infected was really worth the $22 bucks I had coming to me for returning a defective rechargeable LED utility light.

When I went to the Giant Eagle grocery store, the man ahead of me threw a fit and said if he was required to wear a mask, he would take his business elsewhere. I made a mental note to keep coming to Giant Eagle.

People need to return to work, want to go back to school, and long to enjoy recreational activities once again. I, too, want to spend my summer relaxing at the beach, dining with friends, and traveling to see family who all live in distant places requiring air travel. My reluctance to do these activities is amplified by the refusal of many to wear a mask.

You wear a mask to protect others, and others wear a mask to protect you. Wearing a mask is a true sign of respect for others; it is not an impingement on one’s freedom as many have claimed. Wearing a mask tells the person you pass on the street, share an aisle with in the supermarket, or march along side at a peaceful protest, that you respect them as a fellow human.

Source: Wearing A Mask Is A Sign Of Mutual Respect During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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