Stunning writing in this WaPost reflection on the Trump campaign’s journey from a gold escalator to a landscaping parking lot

I’m stunned by the writing. Here’s just a sample:

Outside the Clark County Election Center in Las Vegas, a news conference was interrupted by a hysterical man in a sleeveless tank that read “BEER BBQ FREEDOM.”

“The Biden crime family is stealing this election!” he screamed over and over again, as if repetition would make it true.

In Philadelphia, a demilitarized zone formed early Friday afternoon at Arch and 12th streets near the convention center, where ballot counting continued. To the south was a large, jubilant street party, in front of historic Reading Terminal Market. To the north were agitated Trump supporters engaging in magical thinking.

On Friday, as the counting continued in the convention center, Biden fans held an impromptu street party on one side of a nearby intersection while Trump supporters seethed on the other side.

New Jersey resident Edward X. Young wore a button that said “Barron 2052,” referring to the president’s 14-year-old son. “I will never accept Joe Biden,” said Young, a horror-movie actor whose titles include “Maggots,” “Mold!” and “Gerry the Psychopath.”

Biden “is a senile gangster with the IQ of a sack of carrots,” he said.

That evening, a federal judge heard arguments from attorneys who wanted to stop the counting in Nevada’s Clark County because Republicans could not conduct “meaningful observation.” The judge wondered how to interpret the phrase. How many people should observe, and from what distance? Should observers be entitled to hear a ballot-counter’s every utterance? What if one of the poll workers had a soft voice and could not be overheard?

“At what point does this get to the ridiculous?” Judge Andrew P. Gordon asked.

His question was answered the following day, at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Sean Middleton, the company’s director of sales, was at a Bible study when he got the call to come to the shop and help prepare for Giuliani’s news conference.

“I was pretty happy because it got me out of Bible study,” he said Saturday, adding: “I have no idea why [the campaign] wanted to do it here. I don’t know how the government works. Maybe they saw on satellite images that we have a big back lot and proximity to [Interstate] 95?”

It began on a gold escalator. It may have ended at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

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