Elderly ballerina hears familiar music from 50 years ago

First Dancer of the New York Ballet in the 60’s. One of the most impressive moments that we have experienced since Music to Wake up. Being able to listen to this immense work of art with a person who danced it and was a fundamental part of its history. The power of Music is immeasurable. Thanks to life. www.musicaparadespertar.org Music and Love to live with #Alzheimer. Listen again and feel Swan Lake by #Tchaikovsky

Thanks to the Muro de Alcoy Residence for opening their doors and their hearts to us. Unforgettable life experiences, and so much to learn … from our Wise Men and Wise Men.

The immense Marta C. González, may she Rest in Peace.
Images recorded in 2019, in Valencia.

# 60s # MusicToAwakening #LagoDeLosCisnes #bailarina

(Translated by Google)

Elderly ballerina hears music from 50 years ago, and dances in her wheelchair.

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