From this station on the bridge, the exposition officer can relay whatever random bit of information the plot requires, thanks to the multiple brass readouts on the curved wood consoles. #blender3dart #blender3d #steampunk #neovictorian

Get a load of the upholstery on that chair!

This is a 3D visualization of the bridge of the fantasy interplanetary cruiser I created for an epic, interactive, episodic bedtime story I told my kids from about 2007-2012. Elsewhere the ship has more steampunk elements, but this part of the ship is more neo-Victorian.

Something strange is happening with the shadows, which should all be static, but some of them are shifting according to the camera’s viewpoint. I’m not sure what’s causing that or how to fix it, but I’m still very pleased with this project that I’ve been working on in my spare time.

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