The ChatGPT Lawyer Explains Himself

As Mike Edwards notes, “AI doomers will eagerly tweet this article, unaware that it’s not about the dangers of LLMs: it’s about *information literacy*”

In a cringe-inducing court hearing, a lawyer who relied on A.I. to craft a motion full of made-up case law said he “did not comprehend” that the chat bot could lead him astray.


It turned out the cases were not real.

Mr. Schwartz, who has practiced law in New York for 30 years, said in a declaration filed with the judge this week that he had learned about ChatGPT from his college-aged children and from articles, but that he had never used it professionally.

He told Judge Castel on Thursday that he had believed ChatGPT had greater reach than standard databases.

“I heard about this new site, which I falsely assumed was, like, a super search engine,” Mr. Schwartz said. —NYTimes

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