Elon Musk has officially killed Twitter. The zombie platform lives on as X, a disfigured shell of its former self

Whereas Twitter was once a fountain of authoritative information, X is a platform where trolls can pay a small fee to have their ugly content boosted ahead of reputable sources.

X is a platform where identity verification no longer exists and impersonation is only a paid subscription away.

X is a platform where journalists are banned and smeared while the most repellant and dishonest voices are elevated.

X is a platform where the rules are unclear and content moderation is largely an idea of the past.


[Twitter was never my favorite social media platform, but it was a useful way to stumble across interesting conversations and observe what was happening in communities and cultures very different from my own. I also followed a lot of professionals in various fields, including a lot of journalists.

We can all only talk about Twitter in the past now. I haven’t deleted my account, but I have no interest in being part of X. -DGJ]

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