Joe Biden gives the media a desperately needed lesson about Donald Trump

Perhaps I should have been shocked at the revelation that Trump, should he return to power, would jail reporters. I wasn’t of course.


Those in power do not want us to inform everyone else about what is going on. To do so would be to risk losing control over the masses.

How long shall we tolerate politicians who are so hungry for power that they will risk destroying us all to get it?

The press, of course, are rascals in their own right. But the difference is we cannot do anything but report vetted facts, although many times we do that poorly – often because of government intervention – directly and indirectly. We remain trapped by the politician who owns the pulpit and can operate the levers of power. The politician can jail the reporter. The reporter cannot jail the politician. We also remain trapped by the public who’ve been manipulated by the government into thinking we’re the problem.

To be a reporter you must either have a thick hide if you wish to do your job correctly, or a limited intellect or lack courage if you do not. You can avoid being pilloried, but only if you either play the game with those who wield the power, or are too stupid to understand the game being played. —Salon

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