Harry Potter: Pampered Jock, Pasty, Fraud

“Harry Potter is no braver than his best friend, Ron Weasley, just richer and better-connected. Harry’s other good friend, Hermione Granger, is smarter and a better student. The one thing Harry excels at is the sport of Quidditch, and his pampered-jock status allows him to slide in his studies, as long as he brings the school glory on the playing field. But as Charles Barkley long ago noted, being a good athlete doesn’t make you a role model.” Chris Suellentrop

Harry Potter: Pampered Jock, Pasty, FraudSlate)

I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books and I didn’t watch much of the video when my wife rented it, but I really liked this quote from Suellentrop’s review: “Admiring Harry for his flying skill is like admiring a cheetah for running fast. It’s beautiful, but it’s not an accomplishment.”