Userati Connections

I admit it… once I started stumbling across my own name on the Internet, I began using Google to find out who has linked to me and how my visibility compares to that of other people whose names I come across. Now Userati automates all that pesky ego-surfing, and even quantifies the result.

Userati uses Google to see how many times person X is listed on the same page as person Y. Then, all these connections are added up. Understandably, Jakob Nielsen tops out the list. A few days ago, I was ranked second to last, with my rating being about 1% of Jakob Nielsen’s and 10% of WebWord’s John S. Rhodes. Since then, however, new people have been added to the bottom of the list, so my ranking doesn’t look quite as shameful. In addition, Google has found the Usearati list… so while it was flattering to see my score jump from about 110 to about 250 in just a couple of days, I am being credited for my connections to people with whom I have nothing in common other than being listed on Userati. –DGJ —Userati