Random Act of Gratitude

After my 1:00 class today I saw a colleague at the other end of a hall, struggling with a load of books that was about to drop. I momentarily interrupted a conversation with a student to try to pick up the items my colleague was dropping. The colleague looked at me with that familiar “I’ve-got-the-flu-please-kill-me-now” expression, and stumbled along his way. Later I got this e-mail:

“I was seriously ill this afternoon, and you took the time to help me. I wanted to thank you. You might not think that it’s much, but it means a lot to someone who is in distress, as I was. I’ve heard that you’ve found employment elsewhere. I’m glad for you, but I know we’re losing a good person, and for that, I’m sad. I wish you the best. Thanks again for your kindness. Thanks for being a good human being.”

That made my day. So, what are you waiting for? Go on… be nice to somebody. — DGJRandom Act of GratitudeLiteracy Weblog)