Pinnacle, Online Grades, Skipping School, and More

“The Matrin County School Board has a new way of post a student’s grades online for a parent to check. Pinnacle is the name of the program, a simple java applet. Not only does Pinnacle log student’s grades, but also attendance and conduct. The way grades are accessed are by inputting the first 6 digits of your social security number and the first 5 letters of your last name. With a logon system as simple as this, one has to question the security and privacy of the students. This has been making my life a living hell for the past 2 months, every night my parents go on and check to see if i have any homework and won’t let me do anything till it’s done”

Pinnacle, Online Grades, Skipping School, and MoreSlashdot)

So… you’re complaining because your parents make you do your homework? Cry me a river — that’s their job. Yes, the password protection is pretty lame, but bravo for your parents and for the Matrin County School System. Maybe if you did your homework and earned their trust they wouldn’t have to depend on technology instead of you. One Slashdot wag posted the following amusing response: “Son, this is your father. We’ve gone over your Engish so many times, & here you are still saying, ‘…has a new way of post a student’s grades…’. ‘post’? Also, you didn’t finish your last sentence with a period. Come, come, now. I think we need more homework. You do want to win that spelling bee, don’t you?”