High Score Education: Games, not school, are teaching kids to think

“Forty percent of students lack basic reading skills, and their academic performance is dismal compared with that of their foreign counterparts. In response to this crisis, schools are skilling-and-drilling their way ‘back to basics,’ moving toward mechanical instruction methods that rely on line-by-line scripting for teachers and endless multiple-choice testing. Consequently, kids aren’t learning how to think anymore – they’re learning how to memorize. This might be an ideal recipe for the future Babbitts of the world, but it won’t produce the kind of agile, analytical minds that will lead the high tech global age. Fortunately, we’ve got Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Deus X for that….Game designers don’t often think of themselves as learning theorists. Maybe they should. Kids often say it doesn’t feel like learning when they’re gaming – they’re much too focused on playing. If kids were to say that about a science lesson, our country’s education problems would be solved.” James Paul Gee

High Score Education: Games, not school, are teaching kids to thinkWired)

Interesting argument — and also typical Wired technotopia. Sorry… at this point in the semester I haven’t the energy to muster more response than that.