Talk of Brainstorming ‘May Offend Epileptics’

“Trainee teachers are being told to avoid the word for fear of offending pupils with epilepsy. Instead they are being advised to use ‘word storm’ or ‘thought shower’.” Liz Lightfoot

Talk of Brainstorming ‘May Offend Epileptics’ (Telegraph)

Who or what is telling these teachers not to use “brainstorming”? The reporter quotes a charity that says some teachers had asked them about the word, but there is no quote from a person stating that they are telling other people or they have been told not to use the word. The quoted words appearing in the headline aren’t assigned to any speaker. This is a rather pointless non-story; the best thing about it is the reporter’s cool name. Many amusing linguistic goodies are to be found on Tongue Tied.

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