Register to Fix Orlowski Noise Problem?

“Google is to create a search tool specifically for weblogs, most likely giving material generated by the self-publishing tools its own tab….” Andrew Orlowski trolls bloggers by taking a tidbit from a Reuters article from last Monday and gleefully spinning another anti-weblogging story. —Register to Fix Orlowski Noise Problem?  (Register)

Under the subheading “Unearned Reputations,” Orlowski refers to “blog-infested Google results.” Perhaps I don’t search for the same things that Orlowski searches for… but I’ve never noticed that blogs crowd out more useful results. In fact, since bloggers tend to point to (and comment on) sources that they themselves find useful and noteworthy, I’m generally happy to run across a good content blog.

Orlowski does usefully remind us that Google is not perfect, is not omnisicient, and does not replace human expertise. Orlowski is the voice that whispers “Remember Caesar, thou art mortal” even as the throngs bow before him. But Orlowski can’t stand on his own balcony and shout those words — he’d need to whisper it into the ear of each individual blogger out there who casts a vote by posting a link. Since the only thing bloggers agree on is that blogging is cool, I don’t think the rest of the world is going to suffer due to the efforts of webloggers to help filter the mass of information in cyberspace.

At any rate, Evhead gets the credit for the “Orlowski Noise Problem” quip.