Blogging and Streaming at BlogTalk

“BlogTalk, the European blogging conference, is about to get under way. If you’re in the U.S. and awake at this hour (which probably means you haven’t gone to bed yet), you can add to your sleep deprivation by watching the conference’s live video stream.” Dan Gillmor

Blogging and Streaming at BlogTalkDan Gillmor)

Dan Gillmor is one of many bloggers writing from BlogTalk, thus making me feel really grumpy because I can’t be there (see my BlogTalk abstract). I remember checking with my wife before I submitted my proposal — since we’re moving in less than 10 days, I knew this conference was going to be coming at a bad time for us, but delays in closing the sale of our house and other general ongoing headaches of all sorts just sapped away what little time I had left, and there is no way I could manage a visit to Vienna (sigh) while at the same time remaining both sane and married. Oh, well.