Mystery at the Monastery Ends as CCTV Reveals Chamber of Secrets' Daring Thief

“He had found the route after discovering a forgotten map in public archives which revealed the secret access from the monastery attic. | The map was a key exhibit in the trial. The attic, reached by a daring climb up exterior walls, led to a steep, narrow stairway and then the secret chamber. A hidden mechanism opened up the back of one of five cupboards in the library.” Paul Webster reports on a modern case of “burglarly by ruse and escalade.” —Mystery at the Monastery Ends as CCTV Reveals Chamber of Secrets’ Daring Thief  (Guardian)

The reference to Harry Potter is lame, but sticking with The Name of the Rose would be a bit too esoteric.

The defense attorney’s suggestion that the thief be sentenced to community service cataloguing and restoring the monastary’s book collection is just wonderful. The judge fined the guy instead.