The revolution should not be eulogised

This is not passive news consumption. Neither is it broadcasting. The average blogger has time to surf the web, but no resources to report stories. Some bloggers will follow a news story to the end, some may lose interest after a few days. Commentary will range from the fully-formed to the random blurt and can freely mix the public and the personal.

All this represents something new: participatory media. And it matters. Not because of its resemblance to familiar institutions, but because of its differences from them. — Rebecca BloodThe revolution should not be eulogised  (Guardian)

A good article, in which a committed blogger speaks intelligently to the wider world of non-bloggers. I do, however, question her estimate that an “average weblog” will be updated “perhaps a dozen times a day”. Blogs that show that much activity are very rare, indeed.

From a Guardian special report on weblogs, which I found on Scott Rettberg’s site.