Web Site Picks Year's Most Deeply Embedded Word

“Embedded,” as in the reporters assigned to accompany military units during the war, beat out “blog” and “SARS (news – web sites)” as the top word of 2003, Web site yourDictionary.com (http://www.yourdictionary.com) said….”Shock-and-awe,” the phrase the U.S. military used to describe the type of campaign it would wage in Iraq, topped other Iraq-related terms like “rush to war,” “weapons of mass destruction” and “spider-hole” as the top phrase of 2003. —Web Site Picks Year’s Most Deeply Embedded Word (Reuters/Yahoo)

Interesting… but should “spider-hole” really count as a phrase? I’d call that a single hyphenated word. If it remains in use, it may very well eventually drop the hyphen and turn into “spiderhole”. I don’t think a dictionary of the future will contain the word “shockandawe” or “rushtowar”, so “spider-hole” seems to be in a different class here.