Professor lands international radio deal

When she got home she found her inbox stuffed with new messages, many of which were junk mail. One message was titled “BBC World service proposal,” but Onwueme said she just skipped over it. | The BBC sent a second e-mail, which she also did not take the time to read because it had the same vague title. —Susan MacLaughlinProfessor lands international radio deal (UWEC Spectator)

Tess Onwueme, a playwright from Nigeria, is a former colleague of mine from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. The Beeb was trying to ask her if they could broadcast a radio performance of her play, Shakara, The Dancehall Queen.

I always taught one or two of her plays whenever I had a drama class. I would tell the students that we would have a guest lecturer who “is an expert in the plays of Tess Onwueme.” When Tess walked in the door, often wearing a bright purple or red turban, I’d tell them who she was. The students always got a kick out of her visits.

She also makes a great plantain dish, the recipe for which my wife has bugged me a few times to request from her.