Of blogs and wikis

In an online world where bloggers’ frenzied mutual promotion seems increasingly the norm, the Wiki emerges as an oasis of dignified restraint. It was invented in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, who now works for Microsoft. But the underlying idea of the Wiki – a Web page that anyone can edit or even delete – could hardly be more antithetical to the Redmond way. In a sense, the Wiki is to the blog what open source is to proprietary software: a communal effort where group dynamics rather than a leader’s fiat determine the end-result. —Glyn MoodyOf blogs and wikis (Netcraft)

Wikis are a great tool for collaboration and concensus-building, but who wants to be entertained, amused, and challenged by the collective opinions of a faceless group that has carefully formulated its opinion into a seamless collaborative text? These tools serve different purposes. (Hat tip: Culturecat.)