Porno Hen Hawks for Burger King

Instead of starring a busty young woman or a porn stud with rock-hard abs, the Flash-powered site features an actor in a chicken suit, dressed in lingerie. And unlike previous big-business attempts to cash in on an Internet trend, the Subservient Chicken site quickly became an Internet hit. —Chris Ulbrich
Porno Hen Hawks for Burger King (Wired)

I noticed this story last week, but didn’t blog it because 1) it’s a Flash site, and 2) I hadn’t found a straightforward newsy-account of what the heck it was all about.

I confess I still haven’t visted the site, but now that I see it apparently uses some kind of text parser (or at least it looks for keywords) it should probably count as a kind of text game.

While I study the classic interactive fiction works that don’t include any pictures at all, many games during the genre’s heyday mixed words with images; the hybrid genre hasn’t attracted much attention.